Stone Paper Scissors is a one of a kind space to keep children entertained; be it indulging in some fun physical activity, competing with their friends, exploring their creative side or to just let their hair down and spoil themselves at the salon. Stone Paper Scissors aims to do justice to Kolkata’s tagline and bring unlimited joy to the children of the city, as there is something for all age groups, from toddlers as young as a year to the teen-agers up-to 16 years. Stone Paper Scissors is such a space, where children can come, have a ball, and bond with their parents at the same time.

The brain child of three young Entrepreneurs, Stone Paper Scissors is driven by an aim to provide quality services and affordable entertainment to children in Kolkata. The partners are :

Abhishek Goyal, an MBA graduate from MDI, Gurgaon, loves exploring new ventures and has a strong background in kids’ activities through a Toddler School which he runs;

Kavita Agarwal, an MBA graduate with a passion and an eye for creativity, she has been actively involved in organizing and hosting various events for kids all across the city; and

Khushboo Jain, a Chartered Financial Analyst (ICFAI), who brings with her the financial know how to the table.

All three are proud parents, and the lack of quality options for fun activities for children in the city, brought them together to conceptualize Stone Paper Scissors.