Stone Paper Scissors- as the name suggests, we are all about fun, frolic and adventure. Apart from being probably one of the most well-known and widely played children game, this name holds a deeper-rooted meaning for our establishment.

STONE – Represents our adventurous side, the play area
PAPER – Represents our creative zone, the activity center
SCISSORS – Represents our grooming section, the organic salon

Stone Paper Scissors aims to do justice to Kolkata’s tagline and bring unlimited joy to the children of the city. A one-stop-solution to fulfill every desire of your child; may it be indulging in some fun physical activity, competing with their friends, exploring their creative side or to just let their hair down and enjoy a session of pampering at the salon.

The play area has been custom designed keeping in mind the activity preference of all age-groups. The toddler zone can be enjoyed by children as young as 8 months old while the rock climbing wall and the aerial-walk rope course will prove to ignite the curiosity of even teenagers. Whereas, activities like the trampoline stations and the sand pits would be equally enjoyable by all the age groups. We are also bringing spider-web climb to Eastern India for the first time which sharpens your child’s hand-eye coordination while proving to be a fun exercise.

The creative room lets your child explore their creative side and indulge in artistic endeavours. The Paint Box is where they can really let their imaginations run wild and paint on all the walls around them; and if they paint their masterpiece there, you can carry a picture of it with you back home. The hobby center is where the kids can learn a variety of activities from pottery to robotics, the workshops for which will be held regularly at the premises.

The salon is one of a kind where the all the focus is on your child’s health and safety. All the products we use are chemical and paraben free and the staff has been specially trained to handle your little ones with utmost care. Take some time out from your busy schedule and spend a day of care-free indulgence while undertaking grooming activities with your baby. Take our mother-daughter packages and enjoy the day of pampering without having to worry about the ill-effects of hard chemicals on the littles one’s skin.

All this while enjoying mouth-watering food at our in-house café where we serve two menus; one for you and one for your little ones. We ensure that your kid is not served with aerated drinks or other food items which can be harmful for them. Carry your laptop and work while sipping on a hot cuppa while keeping an eye on your kid through the CCTV setup, or by spending time with them while they are enjoying any of the activities.

So come and be a part of the SPS family!